Western Massachusetts Go Club

Fall 2008 Tournament

Format: AGA-sanctioned handicapped tournament, 4 rounds.
When: Sunday, November 28, 2008.
Location:16th Floor Lederle Graduate Research Tower, UMass Amherst

Trevor Morris 7D was undefeated (4-0), claiming the first place trophy.
Three players had 3 wins:Eric Osman 2D (3-1),Richard Buckman 7K (3-1), William Luff 10K (3-1)

A special mention to Teddy Feldman who went 2-1 and might've had three wins had she not volunteered to take a bye in the second round to even out the field.

Special thanks to Micah Feldman (the guy handing out all the prizes in the images below) for organizing the tournament, bringing the bagels, arranging for the beatiful trophy, etc. Micah was also a good sport about having his first bye ever, due to a pairing snafu in the first round.

Thanks to the math professor Arunas Rudvalis, who sadly didn't play in the tournament, for arranging for the use of the room, and making sure that we left it in tidy shape.

Thanks also to Scott Magnoni, a Sr. at UMass who also didn't play in the tournament, but who directed it throughout the day.

Thanks to Bill Saltman for the great pictures.

Trevor Morris

Eric Osman

Richard Buckamn

William Luff

Teddy Feldman

Peter Morris


Morris, Trevor7D4
Feldman, Micah5D1
Osman, Eric2D3
Bahun, Tom1D1
Saltman, Bill1D1
Clark, Ken1K1
Buckman, Richard7K3
Feldman, Teddy9K2
Morse, Richard9K1
Luff, William10K3
McGibbon, Jason10K2
Luff, Andrew11K2
Morris, Peter13K2
Morse, Geordie13K2
Poppy, Stasik19K1
Dewilde, Ivan20K1
Webb, Leo20K-

Round 1

Clark, Ken 1KBuckman, Richard 7K60Black
McGibbon, Jason 10KLuff, William 10K07Black
Luff, Andrew 11KMorris, Peter 13K20White
Morris, Trevor 7DOsman, Eric 2D50White
Morse, Geordie 13KPoppy, Stasik 19K60White
Dewilde, Ivan 20KWebb, Leo 20K07White
Saltman, Bill 1DBahun, Tom 1D07White
Feldman, Teddy 9KMorse, Richard 9K07White

Round 2

Bahun, Tom 1DClark, Ken 1K00White
Morse, Richard 9KLuff, Andrew 11K00White
Buckman, Richard 7KLuff, William 10K30White
McGibbon, Jason 10KMorse, Geordie 13K20White
Poppy, Stasik 19KWebb, Leo 20K00White
Morris, Trevor 7DFeldman, Micah 5D20White
Saltman, Bill 1DOsman, Eric 2D07Black
Morris, Peter 13KDewilde, Ivan 20K60White

Round 3

Buckman, Richard 7KFeldman, Teddy 9K30Black
McGibbon, Jason 10KLuff, Andrew 11K00Black
Morse, Richard 9KLuff, William 10K00Black
Morse, Geordie 13KWebb, Leo 20K80White
Morris, Trevor 7DBahun, Tom 1D70White
Feldman, Micah 5DOsman, Eric 2D20Black
Saltman, Bill 1DClark, Ken 1K20Black
Morris, Peter 13KPoppy, Stasik 19K60White

Round 4

Osman, Eric 2DBahun, Tom 1D20White
Buckman, Richard 7KLuff, Andrew 11K40White
Luff, William 10KMorris, Peter 13K30White
Morris, Trevor 7DSaltman, Bill 1D80White
Feldman, Micah 5DClark, Ken 1K40White
Feldman, Teddy 9KMcGibbon, Jason 10K20Black