Western Massachusetts Go Club

Spring 2010 Tournament

Format: AGA-sanctioned handicapped tournament, 4 rounds.
When: Sunday, May 16, 2010.
Location:16th Floor Lederle Graduate Research Tower, UMass Amherst

We had an exciting tournament. Going into the fourth round, there were no three game winners, so the top spots were up for grabs. Trevor Morris (3-1) eeked out David Saxner (3-1) by 1 tie-break point to win the tournament trophy. Eric Reid was the only kyu player to post a 3-1 record, clinching the kyu title. Special mention goes to Richard Buckman (2-1) who volunteered to take a bye in the second round after a first round loss. Rich managed to pick up wins in his last two games, for a respectable winning record.

Winning players

(left to right: Richard Buckman, David Saxner, Trevor Morris, Eric Reid)


Morris, Trevor7D3
Feldman, Micah5D-
Saxner, David2D3
Nelson, Wayne1D2
Saltman, Bill1K2
Luff, William2K2
Metcalf, Wanda4K-
Reid, Eric4K3
Buckman, Richard5K2
Casey, Eva4K1
Kinnear, Noel11K2
Cesere, Todd14K1

Round 1

Morris, Trevor 7DFeldman, Micah 5D00White
Saxner, David 2DNelson, Wayne 1D07White
Saltman, Bill 1KLuff, William 2K00Black
Metcalf, Wanda 4KReid, Eric 4K07Black
Casey, Eva 4KBuckman, Richard 5K20White
Kinnear, Noel 11KCesere, Todd 14K40Black

Round 2

Morris, Trevor 7DSaxner, David 2D30White
Feldman, Micah 5DNelson, Wayne 1D20Black
Saltman, Bill 1KReid, Eric 4K00White
Luff, William 2KCasey, Eva 4K50White
Metcalf, Wanda 4KKinnear, Noel 11K60Black

Round 3

Morris, Trevor 7DNelson, Wayne 1D20Black
Feldman, Micah 5DSaxner, David 2D20Black
Saltman, Bill 1KCasey, Eva 4K20White
Luff, William 2KReid, Eric 4K40Black
Buckman, Richard 5KKinnear, Noel 11K60White

Round 4

Morris, Trevor 7DSaltman, Bill 1K20White
Saxner, David 2DLuff, William 2K30White
Nelson, Wayne 1DReid, Eric 4K60Black
Casey, Eva 4KKinnear, Noel 11K00Black
Buckman, Richard 5KMetcalf, Wanda 4K07White