Western Massachusetts Go Club

Spring 2011 Tournament

Format: AGA-sanctioned handicapped tournament, 4 rounds.

When: Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Our WMGC Spring 2011 tournament in Amherst, MA had a modest turnout of hard-core players not lured away by one of the most beautiful spring New England weekend yet this season. Despite having 3 players with 3-0 records going into the fourth round, none of them were able to convert to 4-0 and we ended up with 7 players at 3-1. This is a remarkable result for a tournament with only 16 players. After much tie-break calculation, Eric Osman 2d eeked out first place in the dan section to win a month membership to the KGS Insei League. Other first place finishers were Richard Buckman 5k and Stan Silver 14k. Additional 3-1 winners were Micah Feldman, Joseph Chaves, Ralph St. Louis and Ruban Mitchel. Thanks to the sponsorship of the KGS Insei League, we were able to donate over $100 in proceeds from the tournament to Japan relief efforts.

Tournament Winners
Left to Right: Trevor Morris (TD), Eric Osman, Stan Silver, Richard Buckman

Eric Osman & Bill Saltman
Eric Osman & Bill Saltman

Joe Chaves & Richard Buckman
Joe Chaves & Richard Buckman

Rueban Mitchal & Stan Silver
Rueban Mitchal & Stan Silver

Ken Clark & Micah Feldman
Ken Clark & Micah Feldman

Ralph St. Louis & David Spitz
Ralph St. Louis & David Spitz

Teddy Feldman & Todd Cesere
Teddy Feldman & Todd Cesere

Marjorie Hey & Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser
Marjorie Hey & Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser
Tinsae Aklila
Tinsae Aklila


Feldman, Micah4D3
Osman, Eric2D3
Saltman, Bill1K1
Clark, Ken2K2
Spitz, David4K1
Buckman, Richard5K3
Chaves, Joseph7K3
Cesere, Todd11K1
St. Louis, Ralph12K3
Feldman, Teddy13K-
Denley, Bryan14K2
Silver, Stan14K3
Hey, Marjorie19K2
Aklilu, Tinsae20K1
Mitchel, Ruban21K2
Shapiro-Rieser, Rhonda23K-

Round 1

Feldman, Micah 4DOsman, Eric 2D00Black
Saltman, Bill 1KClark, Ken 2K07Black
Spitz, David 4KBuckman, Richard 5K07Black
Chaves, Joseph 7KCesere, Todd 11K30White
St. Louis, Ralph 12KDenley, Bryan 14K00White
Silver, Stan 14KHey, Marjorie 19K40White
Aklilu, Tinsae 20KShapiro-Rieser, Rhonda 23K20White

Round 2

Feldman, Micah 4DSaltman, Bill 1K30White
Osman, Eric 2DClark, Ken 2K20White
Spitz, David 4KChaves, Joseph 7K20Black
Buckman, Richard 5KCesere, Todd 11K50White
St. Louis, Ralph 12KFeldman, Teddy 13K07White
Silver, Stan 14KDenley, Bryan 14K07White
Hey, Marjorie 19KAklilu, Tinsae 20K07White
Mitchel, Ruban 21KShapiro-Rieser, Rhonda 23K00White

Round 3

Feldman, Micah 4DClark, Ken 2K40White
Osman, Eric 2DSaltman, Bill 1K30White
Buckman, Richard 5KChaves, Joseph 7K00Black
Spitz, David 4KSt. Louis, Ralph 12K60White
Cesere, Todd 11KFeldman, Teddy 13K00White
Silver, Stan 14KMitchel, Ruban 21K60White
Denley, Bryan 14KAklilu, Tinsae 20K50White
Hey, Marjorie 19KShapiro-Rieser, Rhonda 23K30White

Round 4

Feldman, Micah 4DSpitz, David 4K70White
Osman, Eric 2DBuckman, Richard 5K60Black
Saltman, Bill 1KChaves, Joseph 7K50White
Clark, Ken 2KCesere, Todd 11K80White
St. Louis, Ralph 12KSilver, Stan 14K00White
Denley, Bryan 14KShapiro-Rieser, Rhonda 23K90White
Mitchel, Ruban 21KAklilu, Tinsae 20K00White

Prizes were sponsored by:

Insei league
Social network for Go players
Online Go lectures