Western Massachusetts Go Club

Fall 2012 Tournament

Format: AGA-sanctioned handicapped tournament, 4 rounds.

When: Sunday, November 11, 2012.

Players from as far as New Jersey and New York turned out for a great day of go competition at the Western Massachusetts Go Club Fall Tournament on Sunday, November 11th. Bryan Denley scooted to first place, winning all four of his games, reports TD William Luff. Willis Huang, Eric Osman, and An Tran tied for second. All the winners won one month of membership to BadukTV.com.

'Tournament Winners
Left to Right: An Tran, Allie Osman, Eric Osman, Bryan Denley, William Luff, Willis Huang


Feldman, Micah4D2
Huang, Willis3D3
Luff, William2D2
Osman, Eric2D3
Nelson, Wayne1D1
Barba, Paul3K1
Buckman, Richard4K1
Denley, Bryan10K4
Tran, An10K3
Morse, Chris11K2
Ledgister, Roger16K0
Bronk, Hal17K1

Round 1

Feldman, Micah 4DHuang, Willis 3D00White
Osman, Eric 2DLuff, William 2D07White
Nelson, Wayne 1DBarba, Paul 3K30Black
Buckman, Richard 4KTran, An 10K60Black
Denley, Bryan 10KMorse, Chris 11K00White
Ledgister, Roger 16KBronk, Hal 17K00Black

Round 2

Feldman, Micah 4DOsman, Eric 2D20Black
Huang, Willis 3DLuff, William 2D00White
Nelson, Wayne 1DBuckman, Richard 4K40White
Barba, Paul 3KTran, An 10K70Black
Denley, Bryan 10KBronk, Hal 17K70White
Morse, Chris 11KLedgister, Roger 16K50White

Round 3

Feldman, Micah 4DLuff, William 2D20Black
Huang, Willis 3DOsman, Eric 2D00White
Nelson, Wayne 1DTran, An 10K90Black
Barba, Paul 3KBuckman, Richard 4K00Black
Denley, Bryan 10KLedgister, Roger 16K60White
Morse, Chris 11KBronk, Hal 17K60White

Round 4

Feldman, Micah 4DBarba, Paul 3K60White
Huang, Willis 3DNelson, Wayne 1D20White
Luff, William 2DMorse, Chris 11K90White
Osman, Eric 2DBuckman, Richard 4K50White
Denley, Bryan 10KTran, An 10K07 White